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FEDMC - Reasons To Join The Federation of Master Cleaners

Belonging to a trade association shows your potential clients and existing clients that you are an established professional company, providing a high quality service. This will set you apart from the fly by night companies and rogue traders.

Being a member of a trade association means you can be trusted, your clients will book you with confidence. Many clients, and rightfully so, will want to know who you are before allowing you access into their home. Of course you can show them identification but nothing can compare to an independent recommendation from a trade association. This is the reason why many tradesmen, builders electricians etc belong to an organisation that has approved them.

Without the approved membership to the many different organisations their businesses would struggle to get customers. Just check the Yellow Pages and see how many firms belong to a trade association. The building firms that realised the need and importance are the ones that are growing their businesses. The only firms avoiding the trade associations, to be quite frank, are the “cowboys”.

With our stamp of approval your clients will recognise your company as a company they can trust, give you credibility and inspire consumer confidence.

Among the other cleaning firms advertising around you, because of your approved status, you will be at the top of your perspective clients’ shortlist. This will allow you to achieve your goal of being one of the top businesses within this profession. Using our logo will instantly create a professional image for your business, this will attract a broader clientele.

If you become a member of our trade association you will be added to our cleaners directory, which will be available to any perspective clients that contact us looking for cleaners they can trust. In turn this will help your business grow.

Membership. To become a member, we first have to verify that your business qualifies. This is a simple process and is normally completed within a couple of weeks.

If you are approved, you will be provided with a certificate that certifies your membership. You will also have full permission to use our logo to promote your business. You can place it on your vehicle, website, stationery and advertisements – this will allow potential clients to recognise your business as an approved member of the “Federation of Master Cleaners”.

Membership means adhering to our code of practice and providing an excellent level of service to your clients, at all times.

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Stand Out

A recent poll shows that 90% of people looking for a cleaner prefer a company that is a member of a Federation or Trade association.

How many prefer a Federation? 90%
Not really bothered! 8%
Don't Know. 2%